Balay Sa Agta “CAVE”: My First Spelunking – was indeed a lovely experience. That very same day, the adventure did not stop! We (let me dubbed as “The Spelunkers”) went back to our home-base(“lol sa term”) to relax and get ready for the next stop. This time, I can’t call ourselves spelunkers anymore… LAKAT LANG peeps went […]



from visiting the Balay Sa Agta “CAVE” to soaking from the waters of Bugasok Falls.. and for the finale... beachneering at Alcoy's TINGKO … [Read More...]

caohagan island

...cyber-peeps' bonding, OFFLINE. Members of the well-known CEBU online forum, ISTORYA.net, went wet and wild as they tighten-up their bonding, … [Read More...]

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Experiencing SUMILON BLUEWATER ISLAND... August 1, 2009 – I was in a place where I never set foot before - a place where there is genuine … [Read More...]

maribago bluewater resort

Embrace the Charm of Island Living.... ... A place for satisfaction in doing everything. May 16, 2009 - The day I was able to experience a lot of … [Read More...]