balay sa agta mt lantoy

February of 2009, the month that awaken the adventure side of moi – nature trekking! I, with “LAKAT LANG” pips, set-foot the southern part of Cebu – exploring nature’s beauty and being one with them. First stop was in Argao… We first visited a “house” situated at Mount Lantoy own by a creature that stands […]

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Alona Beach View From Amorita

The sun was rising. The wind was whispering. And I, sitting, savoring the moment and intensely adoring the beauty of nature. It was a lovely morning, … [Read More...]


Experiencing SUMILON BLUEWATER ISLAND... August 1, 2009 – I was in a place where I never set foot before - a place where there is genuine … [Read More...]


camiguin white island

While enjoying our way to reach Mt. Hibok-Hibok’s crater and peak, we happened to see on the trail White Island’s aerial view. Indeed, white! I … [Read More...]

maravilla tabuelan cebu img

the EXTREME road-trip the WET escapade the FUN weekend only at TABUELAN. Another experience of a kind. Imagine, I was able to try a 'lil of … [Read More...]