Balay Sa Agta “CAVE”: My First Spelunking

February of 2009, the month that awaken the adventure side of moi – nature trekking! I, with “LAKAT LANG” pips, set-foot the southern part of Cebu – exploring nature’s beauty and being one with them. First stop was in Argao…

We first visited a “house” situated at Mount Lantoy own by a creature that stands 7 to 9 feet tall. A brown, hairy male with beard smoking a big tobacco pipe, in short an “AGTA”(Visayan Term) (“kapre” in Tagalog). We were walking almost an hour just to find the house. As we were getting closer, we were passing the narrow foot trail on the side of the mountain – an obstacle that didn’t stop us. We also needed to stoop upon passing on those areas having low stretch.

balay sa agta argao

agta cave lantoy

At last, We made it! Time to meet the owner!

But where was HE? Unrespectfully, we entered his “BALAY” (house) – with the headlamps on, with the sticks , and all. Exploring!

We roamed his house but it seems he, the AGTA,  was too shy making an appearance with us… a big FAIL in our part!

…wait! This experience is not a big fail! Aha! This was my first ever spelunking. First ever adventure that made me love the beauty of darkness, the adventure that made me say, wow!  My very first caving experience…. another worth to remember – Balay Sa Agta “CAVE”: My First Spelunking.

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7 thoughts on “Balay Sa Agta “CAVE”: My First Spelunking

  1. My gratitude! I may not have explored the cave, I am an Argawanon though, neverhteless, thanks to you for making this available online! The place is majestic!

  2. i was studying college in Argao and i met my fiance there..i really dreamed of going to that cave..hoping one day i could also share my experience like what u had guixe…

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