Databis Year-End Party @ Boljoon, Cebu

It’s been 3 years that we’re Together, DATABIS, in celebrating the days before the year ended. And lately, it was really a big blast!

DATABIS Year-End Party Boljoon Edition!

Whew! so thankful to those who attended that made the event so successful and especially to Pipoy and his Tito and Tita. Waaaaaaaaaaaa.. So love the hostpitality.

What about the place? Perfect for rejuvenating, for breaking the silence and spreading our virusEsssSsss, bacteriasssss, germs and everything. The wifi hotspot plaza, the baywalk, the peaceful place, the old church, the people – wow! What  more can I say?

We were just 11 but is almost equivalent to a battalion (LOL) when it comes to craziness and bizarreness . We were rocking the road from Cebu City to Boljoon. Cam-whoring right, left, back, front and from all around the corner. We were so lucky that we were offered a transportation wherein we were the only passengers! So exclusive.
More pictures: “Off to Boljoon Album”

We departed from the city past 7:00PM. Nobody slept during our road trip. Who would? With the blazing fire of excitement in every each of us? Hmmmmmmmmmm… (Ka KJ naman pod diba?)
Databis? Magpa-awahi sa kalingaw? Never! Agree guys???


“Asa mo, mga Dancers mo?” The first inquiry we encountered when we arrived at the place around 9:30PM. Wow! Databis! Are we dancers? Aweeeeeeeeeeeee.. me? Slight! wahahaha!

More pics when we arrived: “Welcome To Boljoon Album

We headed to Tita’s house (Pipoy) to stagnate for some time and to freshen up ourselves . The place is so province-like, as expected. Lolz! After a few chit-chat (walang kamatayang chikahan!) we were toured (dah! lami kaayug term) in their church. The first stop we ever had!

More pictures: “Boljoon’s Old Church Album

Series of photos:

to be continued…….



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