Wet ‘n Wild at Bugasok Falls Argao, Cebu

Balay Sa Agta “CAVE”: My First Spelunking – was indeed a lovely experience. That very same day, the adventure did not stop! We (let me dubbed as “The Spelunkers”) went back to our home-base(“lol sa term”) to relax and get ready for the next stop. This time, I can’t call ourselves spelunkers anymore… LAKAT LANG peeps went wet and wild!

As we….soaked ourselves in the freezing and soothing waters of the Bugasok Falls,still in Argao, Cebu.

We were actually atop of the waterfalls since it’s too risky downwards..

Fun… fun fun! Being with nature is truly splendid… hearing the sounds of the gashing rivers, the falling waters, the chirping of birds and all.

another  exploration of mine perfect for my memoir…

more photos: Bugasok Falls, Argao Album

photo credits:
Photos from: (in order)
Kuya Mikel (http://www.facebook.com/mikelmags)
Koyah Etch (http://www.facebook.com/ditchsuarez)
Kit (http://www.facebook.com/kit06)



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