Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Car hire for holidays

Hiring a car when you go on holiday is an essential part of the trip whether it’s home or abroad. Travelling across the UK can put miles on the clock of the average family engine and for many, hiring a car is the perfect answer. Put the mileage on the hire company’s clock and save on wear and tear for your own precious motor. Makes sense when you think of it in that way but choosing the right car hire can be a minefield for the novice; take tips from friends and only use a reliable company with good experience, particularly if hiring a car abroad when so much more can go wrong and the language barrier could create issues you really don’t need on your holiday.

With a multitude of car hire companies vying for your business, long standing car hire specialists like are a household name and the logo is so easily recognisable even when arriving tired and weary at a foreign airport somehow the traveller can feel they’re in a safe driving seat. With branches across the world, big name rental companies command the market and with internet bookings leading the way they have to remain as competitive as their smaller and eager rivals. Bargain hunters beware though of the small print when getting a low cost deal; always check the hidden extras, excess for damage or loss and fuel surcharges which have been widely reported across Europe recently. Remember, if you’re travelling with a young child to pre-book a car seat in advance as this can prove very costly when you reach your destination abroad with some companies reportedly charging as much as 75 euros per week. You could of course take your own child seat but with carry on and checked in luggage costing a premium with airlines now this could prove even costlier so it’s best to strike a deal inclusive of the car hire before you travel.

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