The Romantic Date at “Chateau de Busay”

Nestled among the magnificent hills of Metro Cebu…
A mere 15-minute drive from the city…
A lovely garden, a thousand feet above the seas, beckons…

Chateau de Busay

A Group Post Valentine date , I was with,  last February 21. That was my or our first time in gate-crashing the lovely and romantic fine dining restaurant.

I asked Gelz to unfold her experience during the date…

Everybody dreams to be somewhere cozy, elegant and somewhere far from the realm of the world. But for most, they tend to neglect the urge because they always think it’s expensive and not practical. But there always seem to be an alternative to that. =)

February 21, 2010, I sat foot at Chateau de Busay. From the name itself, it sounds expensive. It already sounded elegant. But it’s not, really. It’s a 15-minute ride from down the city. Of course, it’s quite obvious that it’s not that accessible since it’s located, up the mountain. Yet, there always is a way, and I bet it’s more memorable and more fun. =)

The place was really awesome. The view of the city with stunning lights melted my heart away. The cool and fresh air that brushed my hair, made the night even more romantic and exceptional. I bet it really is a perfect place for a date or even just to relax and just chill. =) The tress that was decorated with series of lights, the green Bermuda grass that surrounded the dining area, the flowers that helped beautify the place, the fountain and it’s dim light that made the place looked more comfortable contributed much to the wonder of the place.So simple, yet so perfect. =) I shall never forget this memorable event. A post-valentine celebration that made the occasion worth celebrating. =)

Indeed an alluring place to stay!
There’s more to know about this restaurant. You can visit its official website, http://www.chateaudebusay.com, to discover more of its services.