My Edge Coaster Ride Sky Experience Adventure

January 16, 2009 – The day I was able to experience the country’s first Edge Coaster Ride. Positioned at the heart of Cebu City – Fuente Osmeña . Edge Coaster Ride is  found at the 39th floor of  Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. I could still remember how I felt that time – bloody life-taking. I was the one controlling the ride, slowly tilting back and forth and to its maximum tilt degrees. Yeah! I, together with my friend, made it.  The feeling of fear was whipped with bliss. The eye-soothing city lights… the wind caressing and embracing my whole body. Splendid experience I should say.

I once again experienced this adventure last May 2010. A free-ride courtesy of NEO Computers during their product launching. Together with me is my co-blogger and friend, Atty. Ethelbert. Photos below (sorry, can’t provide photos of my first ride experience.)

An adventure of a kind.

An adventure worth to be part of my memoir!