Experience real serenity at Crimson Resort and Spa

SUMMER is here.

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.” — Bob Marley

If you are looking for a place to spend your summertime, Crimson Hotel Resort & Spa could be a good choice. A 15-minute drive away from the Mactan International Airport. Experience real serenity. Experience  world-class facilities and amenities.

Settle into stylish comfort.

ALONE in this luxurious Garden Deluxe Room

During my stay in Crimson, I spent most of the time in my room. Who wouldn’t to this kind of room?  Very peaceful and serene.

Deluxe Garden Rooms

Scattered throughout the sprawling grounds, each 44 square meter room is a cozy world for two. Snuggle in the king sized bed, luxuriate in the sunk-in tub, or take in your private pocket garden – everything you need is within reach and everything within reach is delightful.

They also have a Spacious 36-square meter  Deluxe Rooms  and 115-square meter  Private Luxury Villas.


Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate

They offer a range of East-West wellness options in their tranquil spa complex. I experienced their Aum Signature Massage and it gave me chills. So relaxing. From the place to the therapist, almost perfect. I would  highly recommend you to really experience it.  Washing up before or after the massage is no to worry. They have separate male and female changing rooms. They also have a steam and sauna rooms.

Saffron Cafe

Savor the best of East and West, along with a harmonious fusion of both cuisines, in an elegant setting overlooking the infinity pool and lush gardens. Saffron Cafe, like its rare spice of a name, is a smorgasbord for the senses.

After the spa, we went here to have our dinner. The cafe will be closed at 10:00PM and gladly we arrived around 9:00PM. Forgetting the diet was my best decision to enjoy nomnoming and devouring  the dishes served. My tummy bloated , literally, after the voracious eating. We also had our breakfast here the next morning.


Azure Pool Bar

Enjoy a romantic interlude as you lounge in plush daybeds overlooking the sea. Groove to cool rhythms under a canopy of stars and coconut trees.

We were  not able to stay longer here but truly, this Bar is giving a good ambiance.  I am imagining right now while  writing, me lying down on that plush daybed holding a bottle of spirits and  staring the gazillion stars hovering the sky. Breathing and feeling the fresh sea-breeze. How’s that? I might to this the next visit here.

Infinity Pool

If you are into sun-bathing and sun-tanning, go for a day swim. Hahaha! Perfect for Summer. When I was here, I did soak and swim at night. So romantic(?)! Romantic if together with the “significant other”, but I don’t have.  HAHAHHAHA! But the experience was not totally a BOOO! It was still great. Why? Let the photo below speaks.

Beach Area

The next morning, I woke up early and roamed around the resort. Yeah! A good way of sweating in the morning since the  resort is big enough. Really enjoyed the great scenery while exploring especially at the beach area. There were even guests playing  volleyball as early as 6am. Others stayed on the daybeds alongside the beach. There were others, too, did the same thing as I, morning  jog/walk.

A lot are great in this resort.

Immerse in holiday pleasures
Bask under the sun or frolic in the water. Whatever your pleasure, Crimson is the ultimate seaside playground for all ages.
-Indoor badminton courts
-Fitness center
-Children’s activity center etc.

SUMMER Escapade? Why not have it here?

For more updates, you can visit their FB Page : www.facebook.com/crimson.mactan

Contact info:
Phone: 324019999
mail: info.mactan@crimsonhotel.com
Website : www.cimsonhotel.com

Photos provided by Crimson.