the EXTREME road-trip
the WET escapade
the FUN weekend
only at TABUELAN.

Another experience of a kind.
Imagine, I was able to try a ‘lil of skimboarding – worth to be part of my memoir.

Mikel, the PERSON I envied much of being ADVENTUROUS (not to mention the PHOTOGRAPHER side of him, MALOOY LNG TA!), invited me to a weekend nature adventure, beachneering. Of course, I nodded immendiately. Why woudn’t I when it is my nature?

He told us to have at most 1K php, as budget. Whooooa, that’s a big amount at that time (Tingbitay! Malayo pa ang SWELDAY!) I and Pipoy shared the same sentiment, the maximum we can afford was 500php, but this wasn’t able to hinder us – To TABUELAN, we MUST GO!

Brought my day-hike backpack, inside were my beach tent, extra clothes, personal hygiene stuffs, gadgets etc. and of course, my 500 bucks.

Thanks @Lyzel for the transpo
wOpppsss! Sarry! I’m no good in wheels (don’t know what brand and model. All I know, it was pick-up type vehicle where all the boys stayed at the back.

The day was good! (wHaaat? It was raining? Ayt?).
Yeah! Again, it was GOOD (for me). Mr. sunshine had a rest day. From the venue,we were gathering, up the stunning and scenic beach side we were staying, RAIN was with us. How cool was that? Indeed a wet escapade.

Normally, from the city proper to Tabuelan, it would take 3 hours or more via a BUS ride. But our trip was definitely not categorized as NORMAL. Good heavens! We were able to reach the municipality in just 2 hours (not exact actually). I felt like we were in a drag race (hahahah! Feeler?). The super rocky(double-dutch?) road, the muddy-(whatever-u-call-it)-clay road etc….EXTREME road-trip, I may say.

Alas! TOUCHDOWN! BRGY Maravilla, Tabuelan.
The night was a bit cold and wet.

Thanks @Ed for being our cook

hahahahaha =D with all his outdoor cooking stuffs, we were saved.
The food was not free of course, we shared 50php each, good for dinner and breakfast for the next morning.
500-50, so 450 (whew! need to do the math)

chow time…
socials (bonding)…
a ‘lil ocular at the sand-bars…. (since it was low tide)

The Brgy. Officials were so good and generous to us. They let us stayed the night at the Tourism Center – with tables and chairs – where we prepared the dinner, and kept our things.



HELLO Tabuelan!

As the heat of the SUN aroused, the beauty and the breath-taking scenery of Tabuelan’s white sandbars shone.

I was not dissapponted, I was OVERWHELMED.

The fact that I do not know how to swim… rephrase…
The fact that I am not confident in swimming (much better to hear), it was never a worry. I only have to cross the water in a knee-deep high (LMAO!) to reach the very fine and white sandbars.

Let me just skip the non-beach(water) activities we had, proceed to…


Mikel is well adept in skim-boarding, me a big-time LOSER!!!
While waiting for the low-tide, we first practiced and played skimboarding near the seashore. At first, I hesitated because the board was heavy and I did have a hard time on how to properly hold and dropped the board on the water. Trial and error. I was really a loser. My colleagues who were practicing with me learned fast after several tries, but me? Hahahahahahaha! Grade F, as in FAILED!


it was ALL FUN. Let the pictures below story-tell…

Fast forward…. again, non-water fun activities were excluded. HAHAHAHAH…

preparing to go home….

Wait… I still have 450 PHP (BWAHAHAHAH!).
Since we were staying at the Tourism Center, we donated 50PHP each  – not bad enough.

Hmmmmm….. 400.

Generous Lyzel did not ask anything from us for the fuel. HAHAHAHAHA. So kind of her.


If it took us 2hours (+) to TABUELAN, this time (heading home) only less than 2 hours. Just imagine how we (the guys) were doing at the back knowing the RAIN was accompanying us (again).

Indeed an EXTREME, WET and FUN Weekend .

Thanks to all, for the great experience.

photo credit: Miktyur Photography (Mikel)