My First Buwis Buhay Free-diving Experience

free-diving kontiki mactan

I love adventures, no doubt. I always have this “Buwis Buhay” (risking life) thinking wherever I go – YOLO, in short. But believe me, when it comes to water activities e.g. swimming, HELL NO! Yes, I took two summers in swimming but wasn’t able to master all the strokes 😀 hahah! I know dog style, i know back float swimming, i know free-style (w/o breathing) swimming but was was never confident trying (the basics) in deeps waters. 6-feet deep? I cannot! Floater was always a good company of mine – indeed, a loser adventure seeker.

I have this Group in Facebook that composed of Free-Diving Enthusiasts. I kept on lurking on their pictures exploring the underwater world. Van John, the one created the group, was always inviting me for free-diving sessions but I was always hesitant. Always thinking that I really cannot do it, but at the back of my mind the adventure side of me (crying) wanted to try. I wanted to experience another “BUWIS BUHAY” thing.

First week of June, Doi of tagged me in an FB event page inviting to join them on a diving session over the weekend. Since I got no scheduled commitment, I liked the thought but I first hesitated (loser!) I kept asking Doi on a lot of things, yes I was afraid! Hahahaha! At the end, Doi helped me convinced myself, hit “GOING” on FB Event 😀

(fast forward…)


Doi: Mark, dili gyud ka kibaw molanguy? ( She was asking if I really can’t swim)
Me: Kibaw man, gamay! (I know, a little!)

Oh geez! I was lying but I had to stand on it. BAHALA NA!!

With our gears on (I and Anton, of, were actually renting it) LET’S GO DIVING!

free divers: doi, anton, me

Doi: Mark, dili ka mag lifevest?
Me: (was tempted to rent one, but stood on my decision) Ayaw lang, Doi!

From the resort (we were actually at KONTIKI Diving Resort) to the diving spot, we swam. I was struggling, no joke! It was my very first time to swim that distance and that deep. Thank you MASK, SNORKEL and FINS. I was able to reach the dive spot. My first achievement.

Snorkeling, I witnessed the amazing sardine-run. I envied them for they were able to deep-dive. I cannot! Anton was also a noob like me. Doi kept on teaching and guiding us. So nice of her giving free lessons 😀

sardines at free-diving

I applied all the tips Doi had gave, I first struggled. Swimming the waters on a vertical position (going down) was never easy. I tried. Doi was taking pictures of us. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. As I was able to swim down on a semi-vertical position, I felt like was entering a new world. I was enjoying, for real! As much I want to touch the sea-floor even for a nick of time, but my body could not.   I tried. I tried. The day ended but really wasn’t able to stay long to experience the true beauty of the underwater. Maybe next time? Oh, I would love to.

free-diving kontiki mactanfree-diving kontiki

A whole new experience. A “BUWIS BUHAY” experience. I want more, but I need gears 😀 Soon, soon.. manimaws ko 😀

Thank you guys 😀
Ms April and Gian, thanks sa ride.
Doi, thanks sa pagtudlo, sa sunod napod ha? hehe!

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    1. ahahhaah ;D mayra pod ngpinamay ko, Doi 😀 achievement napod to nako 😀 pwerti na gai nako panghambog! hahah. thanks 😀 sabay ko nnyu puhon 😀 patudlo napod. hahaha

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