Mt. Hibok Hibok, Camiguin – Katkat Pakipaghimamat Tuig Kwatro

It was once a dream to set-foot Mt. Hibok Hibok’s peak and to personally eyewitness this grandiose panoramic sight.

credits to: pinoymountaineer.com

My DREAM remains a DREAM.

February 25th of year 2012 my feet embraced and kissed Mt. Hibok Hibok’s Peak. I, together with the other FC participants,  reached the peak around 7 o’clock in the evening. No view. My dream was partly realized.


The original itinerary was to start the trek from the Yumbing jump-off at 9:30am but because of the unexpected (over)delay arrival time of Super Shuttle Ferry (arrived past 11:00am instead of 8:00am) the schedule was evidently not followed.

Gathering @ Yumbing Jump-Off

And since backing-out was never an option, “To Mt. Hibok Hibok We Must Go.” The trek was in full swing around 2pm.

Left… right… left… right.

Now shall I walk
Or shall I ride?
“Ride,” Pleasure said:
“Walk,” Joy replied.”  – W.H.Davies

If my memory serves me right, this was my first ever climb to bring nothing but water. No backpack.  That was a great relief for me even for a fact that what I had during the whole trip was my 25liter day-hike pack compared to others that brought 40ltrs, 50ltrs, 60ltrs or even 70ltrs. Again only water, others carried with them trail foods. First few hours of the trek was quite sultry and hot since the sun cover was very minimal. On the trail, we were able to see Camiguin’s WHITE ISLAND, and it indeed looked WHITE from where we stand. So whoamazing!

Petiks mode ^__^
Few more steps to reach Crater Lake



We reached the mossy crater around 5:00pm, more or less a 3-hour trek.  The sun light was still hovering the place but still we were not that fortunate. There was no clearing. The Crater Lake was entirely masked with fog (sigh).

KUYAMAW @ Mt. Hibok Hibok Crater Lake

Friendship Climb Year 4 Participants @ Mt Hibok-Hibok Crater Lake


We moved out from the crater when darkness fell. Rain poured a little. Heading to the summit was never easy. There was even a part that a rope was needed for us to pass and continue our way.  Along the trail were blade-sharp rocks where pitcher plants grew. There were wild berries too.

At the Peak. We made it.

There was total darkness (if disregarding our headlamps). The place was surrounded with fogs. The rain was pouring. No view.  No view of White Island.  No view of Bohol to the north. No view of   Eastern Mindanao to the east. No view of island of Siquijor to the west. No View of Mt. Hibok Hibok’s Crater Lake.

The trek did not end there. Time to descend.

Going up is optional getting down is mandatory.


Descending was more challenging and technical. Wet trails, loose rocks, and eroded soils were on our way.  Tummy’s grumbling. Legs were trembling. Go for Ardent Spring.



And after an estimated 5 hours of going down, at last we finally arrived. That was several minutes after 12midnight. CONGRATULATIONS to all=D

THANKS TO THE ORGANIZERS: 1. Lex Tyler 2. Bonny Ann Apostol Gicale 3. Chongee Grunch 4. Bhernz Dicoy Sobrevilla 5. Randie Jappy Alforque 6. Randell Soco Savior 7. Sir Paul Toregosa and 8. Harold Alcontin


NOTE: Some photos here were grabbed from http://zzubu.multiply.com