Mt. Lanaya, I survived!

…5o thousands tears I’ve cried! not because of the pains encountered but of the joy I had when I reached the peak of the mountain…

This was my very first climb – major climb I should say! Been into nature tripping, but this one is different. My greatest gratitude to the organizer, EWIT Mountaineering Club, for making this event an open-climb. A noob like was able to experience and appreciate this kind of nature tripping. The event was participated by almost 80 indviduals (groups, freelancers, newbies)…

As far as my memory is concerned, the climb lasted almost 7 hours. Seven (7) hours of walking, walking, walking.


I could still remember when we were at the foot of the mountain, the 1st obstacle was to survive the loss soil. Holding on the mountain’s stones and shrubs were not a good idea. We needed a rope  for us to pass the first stage. I thought that only in infant stage that a man would crawl, but I was wrong! That time, I was like an infant! I crawled!


…walked, walked! no reason to retreat! As we continued our way, the terrain was getting difficult. Heavy assault!

I brought one(1) bottle of Gatorade and two(2) liters of water  but were not enough. There was no  water source and the weather was hot and sultry – ending??? THIRST! Big time!  That life-threatening adventure (for me, since ’twas my first time) must continue. I should! No room to surrender!


There was a certain part of that climb that made my knees  trembled. The almost 90degrees assault! Yeah! there was no other way. I had to surpass it. And take note, 2 (almost)90 degrees, Ohkillme!

90degrees legazpi trail lanaya

the “ULING” part of the mountain

everybody’s complaining or majority of us – I assumed. The sun was about to set and since we were at the south-western part of Cebu, it’s as if all the 8 rays(lol) of sun shone on us. Very HOT! I fancied semi-frozen water ;(

“LORD, I surrender!” these were the words that came out from my mouth. My body’s surrendering! So tired, but I needed to step few more in order to reach the peak! Power of mind,  the only thing that was left.


! I made it! Kneels were kissing the ground…





Mt. Lanaya, We Survived!

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4 thoughts on “Mt. Lanaya, I survived!

  1. horns up to yah marky! 🙂

    -ako intawn wala pa naka climb ug ingon but i guess (kaya ra!) hehe as what you’ve said POWER OF MIND! yeah i have that! and one thing ‘poy’ is persevere 😀 char! hahaha

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