Mulao River Exploration at Liloan-Compostela Mountains


river-of-mulao-liloan-compostelaGigantic rock formations enthralled our eyes.  Mulao River is paradise. Indeed, nature is beautiful!

mountains of compostela cebu

We are the WARyors; just don’t ask why and where we got the name. They are my drinking buddies and my close friends. Together, we explored the mountains of Liloan and Compostela – we were not complete at this time.

I have been into nature adventure for ages – river trekking, mountain hiking etc.  These buddies are just newbies but believe me, they are fighters! I could still remember when I first invited them to a mountain trekking at Mantalungon, Dalaguete Cebu – Osmena Peak traversed to Kawasan Falls and I encountered no problem with them. I thought they would not love the outdoors but I was wrong, they even were seeking for another adventure. One of them suggested chilling and trekking at Compostela, Cebu.

Last May 5, with ourselves and things ready, we pursued the plan. From Compostela proper, we took a habal-habal ride (single motorcycle) going to the mountainous barangay of “i-forgot-the-name” and paid 25php each (around 8K to10K-distance from the proper).  Aying, the one who suggested the place, have close relatives there and so we were warmly accommodated.  They offered us “BUCO” (coconuts) and  “Siniguelas”, too. We stayed there for several hours – eating buco and sineguelas, pigging-out our lunch (we brought food), relaxing, laughing-our-lungs-out and all other stuffs. Lying down the rocky ground, breathing the fresh air, and wandering our eyes on the green scenery made the afternoon so calm – awesome-perfect!

triptabai-at-compostela mountain of compostela
relax at compostela cebu buso session at compostela

Since the purpose of that day was to sweat (trekking), we first decided to hike going back on the same route. I thought to myself, what a no-challenge Saturday! I want to over-sweat.  I want a long walk. A long hike! I, then, asked Aying if there were rivers or spring nearby the place, and POSITIVE – not that near, actually. The challenge was to cross the mountains of Compostela for us to reach Brgy. Mulao, where the river is found. Everybody agreed! What a fighting spirit they had and I loved it.

landscape view of compostela mountainsi see trees are green! skies are blue. lovely!

Exactly 3pm on my time, we left the place and started our trek. Nobody knew the right trail, even Aying. We had no idea on where would our feet take us.  All we want was to reach a river for us to soak and to freshen up. The sun was still up and the first few minutes of our trek was so exhausting since the mountain got less sun cover. I led the group.  The good thing, there were visible trails. I walked (sort of running) fast with several fathoms away from them to check for trails.  My extinct was my tool and of course with the help of Aying.

After an hour of descending , passing through the bushes and woods under the heat of the sun, we reached on one of the barangays of Compostela. It was a relief where we saw houses.  We then asked some of the locals to where a nearby river is located. Directions were given and so we followed it.

brgy compostela

my personal fave shot. i love taking photos of clouds

on our way to mulao river

on our way to mulao river

Fast-forward! (I am just excited to show you how Mulao River looks like, let’s get it on!)

Finally, we reached the river of Brgy. Mulao, Campostela.  It was an ordinary river – my first impression.  Where could we soak and bathe? We had a long walk and needed to freshen up, but the river was just ankle-to-knee-level deep.  We met a local and got a suggestion to see Liloan’s,  “MALINGIN STONE” and “Boat-Shape Stone”  by just   following the flowing waters of the river. “What are these?” is the question on my mind.  And so we were, RIVER TREKKING!

brgy mulao riverthis is how i spell, SERENE! located at Brgy. Mulao, Compostela (Mulao, Liloan is different)

About Mulao River:

Hidden behind tall mountains surrounding Liloan and its former barangay-turned neighboring town, Compostela, is the river in Mulao.

Slithering its way through the valleys, the river is an awe-inspiring natural beauty with its cool, clear waters and age-old huge boulders. For more information, visit Mulao River – Liloan Gov’t Official Page.

We were all hyped-up, so excited to see what awaited us at Malingin River (at Mulao, Liloan) and how would these “MALINGIN STONE” and “Boat-Shape Stone” looked like. The unplanned adventure ended up amazingly FUN. We laughed! We joked. We enjoyed crossing the waters.


mulao river compostela

After several minutes of wet trekking, gigantic boulders were on our sight, eye-bulging beauty surrounded us. Please see pictures below.

I was totally overwhelmed. Non-top praises!!! We were climbing and sliding on the huge boulders that scattered around the places.

huge rocks of Malingin River




I guess, the pictures above tell how adventurous our trip was! See also a video I took before my phone died (low battery)

And at last, we made it to the Malingin River, where the huge “MALINGIN STONE” erected.

Malingin Stone @ Malingin River Brgy Mulao, LiloanYours truly at Malingin Stone with Janel

It was 5:30pm when we reached the Malingin River and darkness slowly fell. Staying longer at the place was no good. The plan of bathing was defeated because we got no time. We were so fortunate that we met a boy, alone, on the river and gave us the right direction. It took us around 30 minutes heading to Brgy. Mulao Hall because of the assault trail. From Brgy. Mulao we, then, took a habal-habal ride going to the highway – Hubay, Liloan (11K-distance).

Around 7PM, the adventure concluded. We were all safe and sound. An adventure-packed SATURDAY!

Note: Take extra care when you plan of exploring the place especially if raining. There was a reported incident that happened here. Read >>: Boy drowns in flashflood; other kids survive incident

How to get here:

*If you are in Liloan proper, take a habal-habal ride (i guess, a fare of 30php per head). Just tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Mulao. And from there, you can ask the locals on how to go to Malingin River or ask for a local guide.



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    1. oh! my apologies ;( bec of the uber-amazement i had during that moment.. prolly was not able to take a shot of it.. will retrieve my photo album, and post it here… thanks for dropping by.

  2. I’m currently teaching in mulao compostela and looking for a nice spots in that brgy.While I was reading and following your story and excited to see pics of like a boat shape stone in mulao river but you only posted the malingin sad not to see it.Is malingin stone and boat shape stone same?. anyway,you did a GREAT VISIT..I am hoping to do the same trip with you..

    1. oh! my apologies ;( bec of the uber-amazement i had during that moment.. prolly was not able to take a shot of it.. will try to retrieve my photo album and will post it here… thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hello,

    I’m going to go river trekking this weekend and Mulao is my destination…Thanks for this informative blog of yours. I’m going to go there by myself…DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE SAFE?
    I will use your blog site as I continue my passion which is ADVENTUREeeeeeeeeeee….

      1. Yes, the possibility of going there alone is 90%…hehehe…my running buddy is preparing for our run on the 21st…so i want to have this river trekking as a warm up for my run…the pictures you have posted really impressed me…

  4. naai place dinhi na pwd mi mag camp? or this place is for day trip adventure only???? only 3 of my friends have the complete basic gear like tent,sleeping bag,cookset,burner.. do you think pwd dri mag camp or any place dinhi na area na pwd?

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