Niludhan Falls: Itinerary & Budget

Travelled roughly 8 hours just too see your beauty 😉 

Sample itinerary via Dumaguete:
7.00am – Departure from Dumaguete Ceres Terminal
9.30am – Arrival Paniboanan Junction, Mabinay
breakfast (there are eateries nearby)
9.45am – Off to Niludhan Falls via Habal-habal ride
10.15am – Arrival in Niludhan Falls jump-off. A quick walk going down to the waterfalls.

Php90-100 – Ceres Bus from Dumaguete to Paniboanan Juntion
Php200/head – Habal-habal ride to and from Niludhan Falls


  • Choose route that would pass Mabinay. Eventhough Niludhan Falls is under Bayawan City, it is easily reach via Paniboanan Junction.
  • Niludhan Falls is just alongside the highway.
  • A quick 5-min walk down to the waterfalls from the jump-off.
  • No fees to be collected–entrance, environmental etc.



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