Dalaguete’s Osmeña Peak: Cebuano Trekkers’ Playground

Osmeña Peak is situated at the mountains of Mantalongon, Dalaguete Cebu. It is the highest peak of Cebu Province. Trekkers and nature-enthusiasts love to climb here – a playground I may say. And since Mantalongon is known as Cebu’s Basket Capital then at the peak, cold atmosphere would chill you to the bones especially  during nightfall. If it would not rain, then the fog will surely cover the place together with the darkness – jacket and flashlight/headlamp are some of the things you need to have during the night of socials. I could still  remember my first time there , it was a freezing cold night. Wearing no jacket was tolerable during the socials since “alcohol” helped  me but during my sleep, jacket was all I need.

The “Ala Bohol” Hills of Osmena Peak

Osmeña Peak

Prepare your eyes on the breathtaking green scenery that surrounds from where you stand. Witness and be amazed with “Ala Bohol’ hills mushroomed the place. How these ‘mini” mountains differ from that of Bohol? These are all green and slightly pointed atop. It’s like a deformed version of the Chocolate Hills. If the weather is good and Mr. Sunshine is widely-smiling, then a perfect landscape view would surely attract your eyes, so prepare your hi-tech cameras you have with you. Be mesmerized by the  blue-sky that reflects on the calm and crystal clear oceans. Enjoy playing with the clouds as it vividly gives you different shapes and symbols. Sense the unlimited and free fresh air  that city-life couldn’t give.


My first climb was with my #LAPUK friends and some of PUNDOK Trekkers. Our entry point was at Mantalongon Public Market – this is where we had our last buy. Then we traversed to Kawasan (this post is merely for Osmeña Peak only).

And since I was totally amazed of my first experience, it was then followed but with my “The Waryors” buddies. It was a night and wet trek. Started around 9PM, from Mantalongon Market, and reached the campsite almost 12 midnight. It was a night of laughter. The morning after, we were blessed with a good weather.

And my latest visit was with my best climb group, “KUYAMAW”. We labelled the gathering as our grand EB since it took us months to climb again together . The weather on that time was no good. There was even a storm signal raised on that day but it didn’t stop us. We braved it – Rain or Rain, to OPEAK (Osmena Peak) We Go!We started the trek around 7PM. The rain accompanied us almost the whole night.. From pitching our tents to preparing our food, the rain was pouring hard. We still survived. The the bad weather was never a hindrance,  it even added the fun to our so called, Grand EB. A night of good food, hard liquors and jaw-locking LAUGHTERS. This climb, we had a different trail – OPEAK traversed to LAMBUG Beach.




So when shall I come back? That would be very soon, with the other good friends of mine.  #loserboys, you all ready?

How to get here:
*Take a bus(ceres) ride at South Bus Terminal (bound for Dumaguete) – 100php
*From Dalaguete Proper, take a habal-habal ride to Mantalongon Market – 50php (100php if alone)


*Take a bus ride at Gas Station near Carbon Public Market (also near at USJR) – 100php
-this would take you directly to the Mantalongon Public Market.

From the market, you can then ask the locals to guide you to the peak.



21 thoughts on “Dalaguete’s Osmeña Peak: Cebuano Trekkers’ Playground

  1. I have been there and too bad, i wasn’t able to find this blog site before going there. It could have made my climb easier.
    I went to Mt. Manunggal 2 weeks ago…it’s also a nice place to visit….
    -nice blog…very informative…now i know where to go whenever I need to unwind, can i use your blog site as my TOUR GUIDE? lol…

    1. Lol sa tourguide 🙂 next time try another trail nlng 🙂 outdated naman ni akoang blog. But thanks sa mga pareha nimu, now I have my reasons to update it regularly 🙂 —
      Mark Gallardo
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      1. yap…libre nga tourguide…i am an nature adventure loving person…i am from MIndanao but been working here for 8 years…I have done my passion for long, twas only recently that i got the time to unwind with nature….thanks for this blog site…it could help me explore Cebu’s natural beauty more…..

      2. Yap….libre nga TOURGUIDE (lucky me) I am from Mindanao but I have been working here for 8 years, twas only recently that I found the time to be with nature again…thanks for this blog…It can help me a lot as i continue my passion and explore Cebu mountains…

        1. glad to know nakatabang gamay akong blog 🙂 enjoy cebu!! Balik2 lang, cooz I’ve got lots of not very well-known places na ull surely enjoy. Ako lng niyang ipangpost. —
          Mark Gallardo
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      1. have u been in mantalongon ? coz I’ve never been there and I need to have the objective for my research ryt now so hope u can help me..plz..

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