Island Hopping: “SWIM and EAT” All We Can

…cyber-peeps’ bonding, OFFLINE.

Members of the well-known CEBU online forum,, went wet and wild as they tighten-up their bonding,  not via the cyberspace but in the real world, through hopping the different islands near Mactan, Cebu – water adventure. peeps on island hopping

We visited four lovely and stunning islands, namely : Pandanon Island, Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Caohagan IslanD and Sulpa islanD. The weather was with us. The sun was so high and the waters were so calm. That was really our day.

Everything was (almost)perfect. A hassle-free island island hopping experience since we did not prepare anything. Foods? Drinks? Zero! We just negotiated a representative from CEBU ISLAND BUFFET to do all the stuffs. All we did was to pay per-head and done! The food was great, and take note… UNLIMITED! Lots of dishes and cuisine to choose from their menu, so no worries.

A trip of “SWIM and EAT” all we can. Originally, only three (3) islands are part of the package (Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Caohagan IslanD and Sulpa island) and since the group decided to add one (1), so Pandanon Island was included.

Each of us paid PHP600 (additional 100 for the 4th island) and we were 15 that time. Don’t know more of their offered packages (surely, there are changes as of this writing), just visit their official portal – CIB.

And for our adventure???



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    1. ..before 600/head.. for sure nausab na karun =D try to contact them.. basin ni lower na.. tnx for droppin by.

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