By the Rivers of Kanlaob I Sat and Wept

moi was weeping?

As you can see, it’s the opposite! Aye, I was not weeping. I was smiling with joy – In an ecstasy(the perfect term to use).

An almost 7 hours of journey to nirvana! A WET, WILD and WONDROUS nature adventure – worth to remember.

…crossed those rocky road paths, swam those unfathomable rivers , climbed boulders with falling and flowing waters, laughed with friends and those newly-found ones… all these in the Rivers of Kanlaob.

My greatest gratitude  to YAMOG Outdoor Club for organizing this fun-filled river trekking. The attendees were:

…starting point was at Matutinao, Badian and ended at Campostela, Alegria.

Random photos: