Side-Trip to White Island, Camiguin: Come Again!

While enjoying our way to reach Mt. Hibok-Hibok’s crater and peak, we happened to see on the trail White Island’s aerial view. Indeed, white!

I created a poem and it’s somehow a personification type where I used “White Island” as my destined “significant other.”

Note: I’m no good in creating poem. No rhyming and everything.

from somewhere, I was once wanderin’
took breaths of the air, so fresh so sweet.
trees were dancing and birds, singin’
nature is undeniably beautiful.

I brought to a standstill and noticed a “beauty”
“thou are lovely,” I shouted in mute,
as I strode out to gaze vividly of you, I saw you no more.
“Without a doubt, I’ll soon find you.”

the day came, I settled on to finally seek you.
thrilled! excited! that’s my way to you.
I believe if two are fated
certainly eyes will meet eyes.

At long last,
Heavenly joy, I felt deeply.
Yesterday, you’re a mount’n away.
And fin’ly, you and me, really meant to be.

How to get here + expenses:
• If you are already in Camiguin, ask your guide to bring you to Agojo, Mambajao – where the pump boats dock.
• Register and pay 20 pesos for the entrance fee/ environmental fee.
• Rent a pump boat worth 400.  Maximum of 6persons. It’s already a back-and-forth ride.

The island has no sun cover. Purely, white sands surrounded by crystal clear waters. You can go for snorkeling or just go for a dip. If you would want to rent a family-umbrella it would cost a hundred (100). Snorkeling sets, too, is worth 100 pesos.
If you are into SKIN-TANNING this summer, go for WHITE ISLAND.

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