Spelunking at Murga-Binuthan Cave


The weather tried to stop us that it rained so hard, gladly it stopped around 9am and so, to MURGA CAVE!

Murga Cave settles at the mountains of Brgy. Bonbon, Cebu City. Good for us that we had our tranpo that made us hassle-free going to the place. From the city proper (JY Square), it took us almost an hour reaching the secluded baranggay.

Let the adventure begin.
Headlamps, trekking shoes, hand gloves… CHECK!

When we reached the falls, after an hour of trekking , huge rocks with waters flowing were on our sight. Passing on those wet and slippery rocks was a must for us to reach the mouth of the cave.

Crawling… Climbing… Sweating… Laughing… to Murga Cave, We Go!

Climbing up to the mouth of the cave was… yeah, tiring  but loved it – adventure it is. When we finally reached the entrance, we first ate our lunch and rested for some time. We needed to replenish our energy as the wet and dark adventure awaited.

Looking at the image below, yes, we needed to swim upon entering Murga(Binuthan) Cave. It was like. oh good luck to me! I’m no swimmer. Luckily, the locals tied a rope – a big help to losers like me.

Swimming (holding the rope) while entering the mouth was so challenging. The cold waters chilled me to the bones. Inside, it was all dark. Thanks to our headlamps. The camwhoring, swimming, laughing, and exploring lasted for 2 hours. SPELUNKING IS FUN!


Let the photos below speak of the whole aventure…