August 1, 2009 – I was in a place where I never set foot before – a place where there is genuine tranquility.

Who would have thought that I had the chance to visit and indulge its beauty?

SUMILON BLUEWATER ISLAND is truly a “sight to behold”. I could not forget the feeling of being there. The feeling of staying and experiencing in an island paradise – where there is an “absence of evil”. The feeling of great pleasure – “divine abode” I may say.

35 Cebu Bloggers (dominated by the members of Cebu Bloggers Society)were invited to come to the island – including myself of course. Heading for the place was no easy. Around 3-4 hours was our travel time including all the stopovers, ( breakfast at Jollibee Carcar branch, etc. )  from SM Cebu.

When we arrived at the receiving mainland area, we were offered Lemon grass juice and a cold-wet facial towel by the accommodating staffs. So soothing! It made the bloggers  feel fresh again. Alive and kicking! Camwhoring was of course the first thing bloggers did. Wandering my eyes at the place, I was able to see the Island that we’re about to explore. I could not stop myself from staring and appraising. So love the feeling knowing few minutes from that arrival, we were to board ourselves in a pumpboat.

The pumpboat roamed around the Island. That was so fun since the weather was of no good. Big ocean waves were at our sight. Felt like we were dancing amidst the ocean. Instead of feeling fear with the situation, it was being replaced with excitement knowing we were in a group enthusiastically sharing and exchanging the feelings .

Alas! Feet on the ground! Heart-pounding! The place… no words to utter… except telling myself secretly… OMG (Oh! Mark Gallardo) Congrats!

Aha! Dream came true for me. The island that I desired most was kissing my adventurous feet…

We first gathered at the Pavilion where Sumilon Bluewater’s Resident Manager , Greg Perral, gave his warm welcome – giving information about the island and orienting us.

After that, we had an ocular inspection of their newly-built rooms.

Sumilon Rooms

After the inspection… Lunch! Ahahha! Burp! Burp! Burp! Hmmm

The Sumptuous food offerings were provided by the in-house island kitchen managed by Chef de Partie Buddy Amodia. Kudos!

The exploration began! Everybody went to its different destination, but myself? Thinking! Still lingering on the moment. The happiness! Looking around the place.

Sumilon Pool

Above was the pool that I was staring most of my time there while staying at the dining pavilion. Isn’t it so eye-soothing? Well, if you will come there  for sure you’ll feel what I felt.

Truly, SUMILON BLUEWATER ISLAND RESORT is a place to escape. A lot of amenities to indulge to. Don’t worry you will not be outdated on what’s happening to the world since the island is WIFI hotspot! And take note, the electricity there is alive 24/7. Hmmmm… no brownout in short! Aha! So amazing!

Kayaking and canoeing are also there… aha!

Actually, I did not try this thing. What I did?

wahahh! Watching them.

My co-bloggers’ even asked me to try the kayaking. But for me, it’s enough.

The highlight of that day? Hmmmmm… embracing SUMILON  island’s Sandbar!

Swimming! Trying to stop the big crazy waves. Actually, I can’t consider it as swimming session! Lolz! With the waves trying to wash us? Hmmm…

As I’ve said, the weather was not good. There was a storm being announced that day! But the fun must not stop! (evil laugh). The other side of the island was going bloody crazy that made the waves  enormous. And on the other side of the island? So calm. Hmmmm… I was really amazed with that.

And wanna know what’s the best part of that moment? There  was a sandstorm! whahahh! Really! The wind was so strong that made the sands and some other stuffs flying and wandering around the area. lolz!

There’s a a lot more in this island.

Explore it for yourself.

Be amazed!

Embrace the island living!

If you want to know more about this Island feel free to visit sumilon bluewater blog (watch sumilon bluewater video).

By the way, Sumilon  Bluewater Beach resort is owned and managed byAlmont Holdings Incorporated (AHI) and is the sister resort ofMaribago Bluewater Beach Resort. (watch maribago bluewater cebuvideo)

Danke! Gracias! Merci! to Almont Holdings Incorporated and Sir Ruben of PINOYWOLRD.org for the wonderful experience.

Contact Info:

Bancogon, oslob
Telefax: (63-32) 481-0801
Email: sumilon@bluewater.com.ph
Web: www.bluewater.com.ph

You can also contact their Manila Office:

Room 1918 Cityland/HerreraTower
98 Herrera Corner Valero St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel: (63-2) 817-5751;887-1348
Fax: (63-2) 893-5391
Email: sumilon@bluewater.com.ph

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