Superlative Bonding at Alcoy’s TINGKO BEACH!

from visiting the Balay Sa Agta “CAVE” to soaking from the waters of Bugasok Falls..
and for the finale… beachneering at Alcoy’s TINGKO BEACH…

..after our grandiose adventure at Argao, we headed directly to Alcoy for our final blow. Two tents were pitched and two hammocks.

That night, we had witnessed the vivid view of the sky. So lovely! So amazing. Myriad of stars were at our sight upon lying down alongside the shores. The night went well – chit-chats, laughters, karaoke, slight drinking and all.


..the beauty of Alcoy’s TINGKO BEACH didn’t fail us on that morning! The blue crystal clear ocean, the super fine white sands, the wind caressing our body, the fresh air we were breathing… the sound of nature! Splendid, indeed!


They were cooking actually, not playing!
super gutOOmmm much ^__^
..supEr candid ShOt.... i mean, Scripted!

…full of FUN – superlative mode! it ends here…. ’till the next “LAKAT LANG” adventure..

...mga laagan!

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photo credits:
Ozzie (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082226775)
Kuya Mikel (http://www.facebook.com/mikelmags)
Koyah Etch (http://www.facebook.com/ditchsuarez)
Kit (http://www.facebook.com/kit06)