“Toslob Falls” or “Mag-Ambak Falls” in Tumalog, Oslob

An “Untouched” waterfall settling in the highlands of Oslob.

“Mag-Ambak Falls”, the “habal-habal” driver called it. (That’s when I asked him off from the waterfall).  Few locals call it “Toslob Falls”.  (As of this writing, I still do not know its official name.)

Toslob Mag-Ambak Falls Oslob jpg

This is an ideal place to splurge after a busy weekday. Quiet, cold and magnificent, I should say. You can’t go for a dip here unlike the other waterfalls. Getting wet here is through its falling fresh cold waters as if playin’ under the rain . And believe me, you can see rainbows half-fathom away from where you stay. Waters on the ground are just ankle-level that are directly flowing to the river. If you are that adventurous and risky, you can find ways to climb-up as this falls is like composed of mini-waterfalls by level.

Tables, chairs, & sari-sari store are nowhere to be found here. No entrance fee. No exit fee. All free! Cool isn’t it?

How to get here:


Take a bus ride at South Bus Terminal going OSLOB – for PhP155*

  • Inform the driver/conductor to drop you off at “Eskina Saging” Tumalog, Oslob
  • Travel time would take a minimum of 3 hours


[Tumalog, Oslob]

-Take a habal-habal ride – for Php30*

  • Inform the driver to bring to Mag-Ambak Falls (or just say the nearest falls)
  • You will be dropped off a-stone-throw away from the falls
  • Travel time would take about 10mins.
  • Better to inform the driver to come back, set time, as there are no habal2x waiting at the area. Or else, you can just walk for (I guess) 30mins.

*May change.

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