“Toslob Falls” or “Mag-Ambak Falls” in Tumalog, Oslob

An “Untouched” waterfall settling in the highlands of Oslob.

“Mag-Ambak Falls”, the “habal-habal” driver called it. (That’s when I asked him off from the waterfall).  Few locals call it “Toslob Falls”.  (As of this writing, I still do not know its official name.)

Toslob Mag-Ambak Falls Oslob jpg

This is an ideal place to splurge after a busy weekday. Quiet, cold and magnificent, I should say. You can’t go for a dip here unlike the other waterfalls. Getting wet here is through its falling fresh cold waters as if playin’ under the rain . And believe me, you can see rainbows half-fathom away from where you stay. Waters on the ground are just ankle-level that are directly flowing to the river. If you are that adventurous and risky, you can find ways to climb-up as this falls is like composed of mini-waterfalls by level.

Tables, chairs, & sari-sari store are nowhere to be found here. No entrance fee. No exit fee. All free! Cool isn’t it?

How to get here:


Take a bus ride at South Bus Terminal going OSLOB – for PhP155*

  • Inform the driver/conductor to drop you off at “Eskina Saging” Tumalog, Oslob
  • Travel time would take a minimum of 3 hours


[Tumalog, Oslob]

-Take a habal-habal ride – for Php30*

  • Inform the driver to bring to Mag-Ambak Falls (or just say the nearest falls)
  • You will be dropped off a-stone-throw away from the falls
  • Travel time would take about 10mins.
  • Better to inform the driver to come back, set time, as there are no habal2x waiting at the area. Or else, you can just walk for (I guess) 30mins.

*May change.


  1. Ladyrose_329 says

    aside from habalhabal nga sakyanan, pwede four wheels maka sulod ra? unsay klase sa iynag agi-anan? tangason kaayo? pls. i need more info. about it.. thank you…

    • says

      hi =D
      yes, pwede rman kayu mg wheels. in fact naa mi mkadungan nga naay own transpo, but dli jud xa kasulod maayu. roads there are cemented… murag mag park lng mo sa part nga dli pa dulhogon which is few meters from the falls kai( downhill jud xa , cemented) .. hangak pod itungas after mo maligo. hehehe

  2. Anonymous says

    no bus at the North Bus Terminal will take you to Oslob, that’s for sure. hehe
    you have to take the bus ride at the South Bus Terminal.

  3. Nevest says

    So many people swim with the wale sharks but do not visit the other attractions which are so close there is a new road from tumalog to oslob verry highly recommended

  4. Vernon Go says

    ohoie nindot ni da…how far from the butadings? asay mas nindot, b4 or after ka muari diri from the sharks?

  5. Ella urika omolon says

    i just want to ask if theres a short cut road from badian to oslob….??? and what would be the posible vehicle….we can have?

  6. Ella_urika says

    Mr. Mark any other place you can recommend??( i’m planning to take them in kawasan falls in badian…and still searching for a nice place round in south of cebu eka nga all the way na gala for 2 days ba..=>) because i’ll be having a visitors from marikina and i want them to be captivated in cebu’s beauty with less expenses…..thank you so much in advance it would be a great help…

  7. toledo city says

    Naka adto na mo ug mantayupan falls sa barili?..asay taas? murag mas taas lagi ang mag ambak falls?

  8. johann says

    nindot na kaau ang falls karon, sauna adto pa jud tawn me mangagi sa handig na dalan ky wala pa man na kalsada b4..

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