Beaching at Lambug Beach after Osmeña Peak Climb

Strong winds caressed my sun-kissed skin.

Big waves seduced my ears.

Moi lying down on it’s white sands half asleep, half awake.

Lambug Beach.


This was my step here and I was really amazed of the place. The moment our transpo stopped, kid-like, I ran off to the shore and my feet played the powdery white sands. The beach has a long sand stretch and of course has crystal clear water. And want to know what is best on this beach? UNCROWDED. There are actually mini-stores and private cottages but are too few that you can really say that it is undeveloped, which, for me, is good.


Lambug Beach Badian


Image: Descending. On our way to Lambug beach – few more kilometers to go 😉


After a 3-hour strenuous trek from OsmeñaPeak, this was the perfect place rest and spend the rest of the afternoon. Our original plan was to traverse from OsmeñaPeak to Kawasan Falls but has changed the last minute. We took the different route, OPEAK Traversed to Lambug. Heard this beach from them, KUYAMAW Climb Group, many times and I was curious on how it would looked-like. It took me ages to set-foot here. True to their words, the place is beautiful!  We stayed at the cottage owned by Ate Mik-mik’s friend and we were warmly accommodated.

It was a sunny afternoon and had almost zero energy, and so we first rested. I was lying on the sands, feeling the strong winds that caressed my super sun-kissed skin and listening to the sleep-inducing waves.  What a great feeling being with nature – being with Lambug Beach.


After the power nap, then the day continued. Beaching… Karaoke… Beers…  GOOD LIFE Winking smile


So where actually is LAMBUG BEACH? It is situated in the Southern Part of Cebu,  Badian.


There are cottages here for you to rent  that would cost around Php 500 (overnight) and if you have tents, you can just pay Php50 (info from:


How to get here:

*From South Bus Terminal (Cebu) – take a bus ride (going to Badian)

*Just inform the bus conductor to drop you off at Lambug, Badian

*From the drop-off point,  take a trike ride heading to the beach



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      1. Hello. nahani ani na route, i hope you can give me details, and if guides there kahibaw pud ani na route? Please text me 9162863950 🙂 thank u!

  1. hello… anybody who suggest for accomodation in lambug? kanang barato lang… planning to g there on 18th and 19th of march

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