Zip-lining Experience @ Adventure Cafe

Lookin’ for an extreme adventure that would help conquer your fear of heights (slight)? Zip-lining  would be  perfect  to try to. Aha! I am not that chicken-hearted type of person in terms of heights  if I am to look only, but beyond that, my “all” will surely quiver.

Last July (end of the week), I, together with my officemates, were able to experience this extreme sports (ZIP LINING)- if  I’m not mistaken, that’s our first time. We were all virgin (lol) – at  “Adventure Cafe” located at Gaas, Balambam. A 30-45 min drive from JY square or Marco Polo via the scenic transcentral highway.

How to get there?

Via public vehicles: V-hire at Ayala Center or Citilink. Take Balamban via transcentral highway route.

As I’ve said, I am okay only if I am to look on heights, but this one is different. My heart was throbbing so fast and my knees was shaking to the bones when I was harnessed. And the zip-lining? Please see video below: (Thanks Jic for this one ^__^)

We made it, I made it. Indeed a lovely and heart-pumping extreme adventure.

More about Adventure Cafe activity rates:

WEEK DAYS: Php 100

WEEKDAYS: Php 75/activity
WEEK END: Php 100/activity

CAVING: 250/ PAX (min. 5 pax)
FALLS: 650/5 PAX
Note: Subject to booking 3 days prior)

Adventure Photo Album: (plus sidetrips)
photo credits: jerome ” ” | Dan suzara “

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5 thoughts on “Zip-lining Experience @ Adventure Cafe

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  3. Will definitely go there before the year ends. Thanks for a great experience in Medellin with the gang, it opened up new hunger for outdoor activities…

    Cebu outdoor destinations, here I come!

    ~ J.R.

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